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Surrounded on two sides of high galleries of arches, the riad berbère is a perfect example of the architectural tradition of the big houses of Marrakesh.
The large living room takes up the south wall of the garden. On its cedar ceiling, built like a "hull" as the roofs of mosques and marabouts, very ancient patterns are painted. A pyramidal roof protects it directly from bad weather.
The garden is divided into four plant beds as the tradition wants it. In the center, sheltered from trees, orange trees, olive trees and banana trees, a pond of filtered water, invites you for a bath during the warm hours.



On two sides, rooms are preceded by galleries.
Every room is reachable directly from the patio. They have each their dressing room and their bathroom. There are two downstairs and three upstairs.
Both rooms of the ground floor which surround the garden open by r' taj traditional doors. One is equipped with a bathroom with shower, the other one with a taddelakt bath. The rooms upstairs have each their own staircase.

  riad berbère
The "West" room has kept its ancient cedar ceiling and benefits from a wooden balcony which dominates the garden; the "South" room has its own private terrace. The private bathroom and the dressing room are at an intermediate level; whereas the "East" room is organized as a Suite with a small lounge (spare room) which opens on two small terraces.
The kitchen has kept its former proportions. The main part is protected behind a big arc of bricks, whereas the other one opens directly on the sky.
The terraces roofs offer on two levels the sun and the unique view of the roofs of the medina.


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